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Whoa Flamingo has a number of original concepts and optioned works in development. Our charter is to adapt high concept Australian works for local and international audiences - predominantly family, children and young adult.  We enjoy working closely with the author in a collaborative spirit to bring their works to the big screen. 
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City Of Orphans
Mapmaker Chronicles
Barney kettle
Sugar Show
Fairytales For Wilde Girls

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Face your demons … it makes them easier to kill.

In the dark places of Victorian London where monsters prey on children, a beautiful young orphan girl with a mesmerizing voice jumps at the opportunity to train as an apprentice to an experienced monster hunter and agrees to be bait as a means to a better life and the only chance she may have to get her revenge.

  • Winner, Children's Book Council Of Australia Awards, Younger Readers, 2014

  • Winner, Adelaide Festival Award for Children's Literature, 2014

  • Short-listed, NSW Premier's Literary Awards,

  • Patricia Wrightson Prize for Children's Literature, 2014

  • Short-listed, Norma K Hemming Award, 2014

  • Short-listed, West Australian Young Readers Awards, 2015

  • New York Public Library Top Children’s Titles - Older Readers.

  • USA Publishers Weekly Best Children’s Book.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt USA - Book Trailer - HOW TO CATCH A BOGLE

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“Barney Kettle knew he would be a very famous film director one day, he just didn’t know when that day would arrive. He was already an actual director — he’d made four fifteen-minute films — but so far only his schoolmates and the residents of the High Street had viewed them. Global fame was a little way off. It would come, though. Barney was certain about that.”


“It’s heart-warming and it’s heart-breaking, it’s original and clever … it’s one to put on your must-read list.”
Nicky Pelligrinio, NZ Herald.

“It’s a cast as colourful as an operetta: Suit, who carries an alarm clock in his briefcase; Coralie, baker of (Organic) Iced Rodents — brackets obligatory; Orange Boy and Crimson Girl, potent yet evasive. Great control of tone; a protagonist who will haunt you for days afterwards; breadth of skill and generosity of spirit. “ David Hill, Weekend Herald.

Adults will also enjoy this teen novel about the buzz of creativity and the power of community.” Catherine Wolfe, NZ Listener

Educating our children about food has to become a cultural priority.

THAT SUGAR SHOW, inspired by Damon Gameau’s highly acclaimed and successful feature lm, THAT SUGAR FILM, is an informative, entertaining and often irreverent exploration of eating and its effects on our everyday lives.

THAT SUGAR SHOW will present a balanced, no extremes viewpoint centred around promoting healthy relationships with food by understanding how they affect the mind, body and emotions.

THAT SUGAR SHOW is a playfully healthy television series with the objective of creating a life-long healthy, fun and well-informed relationship with food, aimed squarely at families who will be able to sit down and enjoy the show together.
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